At the close of Women’s History Month, I can’t help but think of how important it is to continue to share the inspiring stories of women all year round. To know how far we’ve come, we must know the history of our foremothers before us. To be as inclusive and understanding of intersectional feminism as we possibly can, we must hear from women of all different perspectives — from race and socioeconomic status to sexuality and gender identity. To build a better world based on gender equity, we must uplift and champion the great work of womenkind, while also recognizing…

The coronavirus pandemic has forever changed the way we work, live, and communicate.

Indefinite work from home policies. Virtual meetings and conferences. Digital hangouts with friends. Remote learning and distance education. Grocery delivery apps. E-commerce. Online banking. Telemedicine.

Since the start of the Covid-19 crisis, the world’s digital presence has increased exponentially and the number of cyberattacks has grown five-fold, with cybercriminals exploiting the fear and uncertainty caused by the socio-economic impact of the pandemic.

Zoom has been actively working to secure their platform after a rash of heinous ‘zoombombing’ incidents occurred in the spring. Microsoft Teams was recently hit…

Over 1 million deaths worldwide and counting. Lasting health issues for many who have recovered. An estimated 100,000 small businesses closed forever. Countless workers laid off and furloughed with unemployment rates peaking at their highest level since the Great Depression of the 1930s. Many forced to work outside their home and put their health at risk to provide for themselves. Industries, institutions, and organizations everywhere hurting. Healthcare and economic disparities by race and class worsening. Shortages of food and supplies growing. Waste from gloves, masks, and cleaning supplies increasing. PPE for medical professionals dwindling. …

In the age of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, new technologies are evolving at a rapid rate. Through these advancements, companies and organizations can develop solutions to solve common problems in their industry and everyday operations.

By understanding current trends and challenges in tech, users can better identify digital opportunities that would be most beneficial to their needs, improving overall operations and productivity, strengthening support for customers and employees, and creating a more positive impact in the world.


5G isn’t just for the latest smartphone technologies. As network connectivity continues to grow in the coming year, it will not only…

It’s that time of year again. Fall beckons cooler weather and thoughts of back-to-school.

Conjuring images in my mind of sweaty-handed excitement over class schedules and assigned teachers, the distinct scent of a fresh box of crayons in art class or newly mown grass underfoot on the field during recess, the crackle sound of old book spines in the library, the silent celebration after lighting the Bunsen burner perfectly with one match on the first try.

But, as an adult, this time of year can also be a sad and frustrating reminder of how behind the United States is compared…

So many current issues in our world leave me shaking my head in shock and dismay. How did this happen? How could we let this happen? How we can help?

I don’t hold office in any governing bodies and I live 3,000 miles away from the Amazon Rainforest, so naturally I’ve been feeling pretty powerless and wondering what action I can take in the wake of the devastating fires.

As with any problem, the first step is to educate others.

Known as the “lungs of the planet,” the Amazon produces 20% of Earth’s oxygen and 1/5 of Earth’s fresh water…

Nine states and counting have already passed abortion restrictions and near total bans. Alabama judges are refusing to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples. Racist cops continue to harass innocent African Americans.

It’s safe to say, we live in turbulent times. Therefore, it is more important than ever to fight for and hold onto our freedoms.

If you want to marry the person you love, regardless of gender or sexuality, you have the right and the freedom to do so. If you want to protest and speak out against the government, you have the right and the freedom to do…

I was 9 years old.

We were silently reading in English class. I remember the silence.

There was a flurry of hushed tones and whispers. Teachers going from room to room. What was going on? Why did all of the adults look so scared?

The school didn’t tell us what was going on. They didn’t want us to be afraid.

We were children.

I walked out at the final bell into my mother’s arms. My brother joined us and we three walked straight to church. My mom sat us down and told us what had happened. …

I’ve never been the type of person who understood Black Friday.

My Black Friday has always been spent with my family, cleaning up from Thanksgiving dinner the night before, eating leftover turkey sandwiches, playing board games, and watching Christmas movies.

But, for others the day is about finding the latest “steals,” collecting giveaways, and shopping until you drop…or until you are carried away by an ambulance. I just find the whole idea of Black Friday obscenely and distastefully materialistic. Nothing is more grotesque than watching grown adults trample each other, and sometimes small children, to buy discounted goods.

So, you…

Seeing the trees change into a kaleidoscope of colors. Hearing a crunch under-foot. Jumping into a pile of leaves with childlike abandon. The crackle of wood in bonfires and fireplaces. Pumpkin flavored breads and cinnamon-nutmeg muffins. Butternut squash soups and raviolis. Baking cookies and pies and the warmth and smell that waft from the oven through the house. Eating hearty soups and stews with crusty, French bread. All your favorite TV shows with new episodes. Putting the heavy comforter on the bed to sleep at night. Waking up to watch the sun rise. Seeing your breath in the chilly, foggy…

Jillian Leedy

Marketing Manager. Writer. Photographer. Copywriter. Philanthropist. Adventurer.

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